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Dawg Preview
Defensive End


Three of the past fours years the Dawgs has produced three AP All-State defensive ends (Andy Decker – ’01, Rob Eroh – ’03, Keith Ball – ’04). This year may be no different; in fact this year there could be 2 names on the All-State list. Tristan DiPippa and Seth Fetterolf may be those lucky two.

Tristan DiPippa (6’ 2” 212) is a two year returning starter, an all-state candidate last season DiPippa will be looking to be named this year. In 2004 DiPippa had 67 tackles, 7 for a loss, 1 interception and was second on the team in sacks with 9. In 2003 he was 4th on the team in tackles, 61, which 4 were for loses. He also had 4 sacks, 2 interceptions, and a game winning blocked kick against Williamsport. DiPippa is also playing quarterback this year which may keep him from being in on every series and every down on defense. Curry may be a little hesitant on playing DiPippa so much that he never has time to breathe, but when you have talent like that you can’t let it go to waste. Seth Fetterolf (6’ 188) started one game last year and contributed in a few others in 2004. As a sophomore he is already a veteran and has earned his starting spot. Last season he had 14 tackles and should get some state attention this year. As DiPippa playing quarterback this season as well, Tom Garrison (6’ 212) will also be playing defensive end. He did not play last season due to knee surgery but is very agile and will be a great end. Eric Roth may also play at the defensive end position.

The Dawgs have no problems at the DL anywhere especially at defensive end. With so many great players that can step in, opposing quarterbacks may spend much of the game in two places, running away from these guys and on the ground looking up at them.

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