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Eddie's Column

Curry at Crossroad
by Eddie Walker

    His coaching legacy is ensured. The all time victory and championship architect has set the bar at a seemingly unmatchable level. George Curry has just survived his toughest season. It reads like a Greek tragedy: A season of promise, of restored glory. All now that remains are broken promises.

    The returning star running back who never had room to run. The No. 1 ranking that became honorable mention. The expulsions, the four players that quit the team in week nine. To surrender the mountain climb in view of the mountaintop unthinkable! Maybe the old ball coach is puzzled by the children of 2005. He has cracked the whip for almost four decades. His tough-love, time-tested doctrine always inspired the kids to do what they were told. But instead of running laps, they ran out on their team. The arrests of the two players in hindsight is forgivable. Maybe my own battles with substance abuse clouds my vision. For me to pass judgment with my skeletal makeup, sounding like a winter front porch wind chime, would lack credence. But the quitters, how will we forgive? Young men making foolish decisions. I imagine time will heal for the fans. With their teammates, time may further distance them from forgiveness. The coach has hinted at leaving or retiring. He may wrestle with this decision as I compose these thoughts. He is a coach by definition. Not defined by 387 victories, but by his motor. The one that teaches and inspires. That motivates the conditioning and strength training year round. That teaches the fundamentals and schematics. Has he lost his ability to relate to his players? Or is it his enemies now outnumber his supporters? He has been a difficult man for many folks to accept. People who were close to him for decades, have been sent off to seclusion. One season he speaks to the press, then shuns the media in another. The school district has been penalized by his job description, or lack of one. The dean of counselor position lacked state certification. The assistant superintendent job was thought to be one to answer football questions for the previous superintendent. But now, his title is coach. Many claim that has been his title and that alone, for many years. But to deny that he is a coach would be to deny the morning light. He is a hall of fame coach who refuses entry into the Pennsylvania High School Coaches Association Hall Of Fame. I mentioned he was a difficult man. Sometimes difficulty is the by product of greatness. Does he deserve to go out after such a season as this one? No. But will he seek another job? I think that is possible. Cedar Cliff coach Bob Craig coached until he was 70 years old. The Bulldawg Nation holds its breath as the coach most famous for his game time adjustments faces his biggest one ever.



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