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Eddie's Column

All Brand New
by Eddie Walker

    George Curry’s legacy casts a very large shadow in Berwick. Gary Campbell Jr. could care less. The shadow covers about 27 miles of Route 11 and Pierce Street. That is the distance from Crispin Field to Spartan Stadium.

    Gary Campbell did not win 80 percent of his games trying to be George Curry. The new Bulldawg coach said he will do it his way. The young coach is a picture of confidence and control. The man has a proven system and he will continue to succeed here. Campbell says his teams are never outworked. They are always the best conditioned and they will hit you getting off the bus. I believe him. Whether you talk to Andy Mihaly, Bobby Bower, John Jolla, Dave Parmenteri, Rich Walton or Tim Honeywell, they first mention the energy level. The motor is NASCAR quality. Campbell is a live wire. This upcoming seasons Dawg team is not a world beater. They are young, but that will not be an excuse. Campbell says they will improve every week. The work ethic that spawned the tremendous.

    Berwick tradition is alive and well. There is an excitement that you can feel, one from being all brand new. Coach Mihaly feels it. He told me he will return to coach the offensive line. The coaches are excited and it shows. The reality of a new system is upon us. New terminology, a new playbook. A return to the Bigger Faster Stronger Better strength conditioning program. A football training concept that Curry used here years ago. Core lifts that feature the big muscle groups, butt, back, hips and chest. Dot drills that improve agility and footwork. Campbell says his team will go live in practice, they will hit. He will improve the weight room and he will replace the prehistoric blocking sled. Linemen will do bag drills. New ideas for a new day.

    I can hear the mumbling and doubters, "that is not the way Curry did it." Those folks should walk into the shadow. It heads 27 miles up river. Campbell preaches fundamentals. Ask him about schematics and he will likely mention blocking and tackling. The man is not a dark ages W.P.I.A.L. coach with tight splits and a run only downhill, game plan. The man was a college quarterback and he will spread you out. He is not married to any system on offense or defense. He evaluates his talent and then he implements a system. This summer will be key for Campbell, his players and staff, to roll up the sleeves and do the work. The Dawg days of summer will bear the fruit of autumn nights.

I Remain,



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